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Two-Piece Classic Blue/Gold StarfishTwo-Piece Classic Blue/Gold StarfishTwo-Piece Classic SeasideTwo-Piece Classic SeasideTwo-Piece EnchantedTwo-Piece EnchantedTwo-Piece EnchantedTwo-Piece Classic PineappleTwo-Piece Classic PineappleTwo-Piece Classic Navy/Yellow DotsTwo-Piece Classic Navy/Yellow DotsTwo-Piece Classic Lilac/White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Lilac/White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Jade/Navy DotsTwo-Piece Classic Jade/Navy DotsTwo-Piece Rio Time BackTwo-Piece Rio Time FrontTwo-Piece Rio Time FullTwo-Piece Classic Aqua/White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Aqua/White DotsTwo-Piece Dapper DaisyTwo-Piece Dapper DaisyTwo-Piece Dapper DaisyTwo-Piece Classic Gingham BlueTwo-Piece Classic Gingham BlueTwo-Piece Classic White/Black DotsTwo-Piece Classic Green White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Green White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Green White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Rouge HibiscusTwo-Piece Classic Rouge HibiscusTwo-Piece Classic Paradiso FullTwo-Piece Classic Paradiso BackTwo-Piece Classic Paradiso FrontTwo-Piece Classic Cherries Delight BlackTwo-Piece Classic FlockedTwo-Piece Classic FlockedTwo-Piece Classic FlockedTwo-Piece Classic Cherries Delight BlueTwo-Piece Classic Wild ThingTwo-Piece Classic Wild ThingTwo-Piece Burgundy Navy Dots BackTwo-Piece Burgundy Navy Dots ZoomTwo-Piece Burgundy Navy DotsTwo-Piece Classic Solid BlackTwo-Piece Classic Solid RedTwo-Piece Classic Solid GreenTwo-Piece Classic Solid NavyTwo-Piece Classic Solid TealTwo-Piece Classic Solid WhiteTwo-Piece Classic Solid OrchidTwo-Piece Classic Solid SeafoamTwo-Piece Classic Black White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Red/White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Aqua/White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Lilac/White DotsTwo-Piece Classic Navy/Yellow DotsTwo-Piece Classic Jade/Navy DotsTwo-Piece Classic White Black DotsTwo-Piece Classic Black Red DotsTwo-Piece Classic Burgundy Navy DotsTwo-Piece Classic Cherries BlackTwo-Piece Classic Cherries WhiteTwo-Piece Classic Gingham BlackTwo-Piece Classic Gingham BlueTwo-Piece Classic Gingham RedTwo-Piece Classic Gingham YellowTwo-Piece Classic Blue/Gold StarfishTwo-Piece Classic CarnivalTwo-Piece Classic Felicity Too BlackTwo-Piece Classic ParadisoTwo-Piece Classic PineappleTwo-Piece Classic Rio TimeTwo-Piece Classic Rouge HibiscusTwo-Piece Classic SeasideTwo-Piece Classic Wild Thing

Two-Piece Classic Separates


You asked, we answered! Now our classic Esther Williams two-piece is available in separates to fit all sizes and to mix and match! The top features built-in soft cups for support, and a sporty halter tie at the neck. The bottom is cut high above the hips and low at the legs for a flattering silhouette inspired by the Million Dollar Mermaid herself!

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If the suit you want is in stock, allow 2-3 days shipping in the U.S. and 7-10 days international shipping. If it’s not in stock, it can take 2-4 weeks for us to receive it from the manufacturer and ship to you. Unfortunately, not all websites are compatible with all devices. If you have any trouble ordering, please email us at

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Product Description

Two-Piece Classic Separates

Additional Information

Weight .4375 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 12 x 3 in

4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 16W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W, 26W


Solid Black, Solid Red, Solid Green, Solid Navy, Solid Teal, Solid Orchid, Solid Seafoam, Solid White, Gingham Red and White, Gingham Blue and White, Gingham Yellow and White, Gingham Black and White, Cherries Delight Black, Cherries Delight Blue, Cherries Delight White, Black with White Dots, Black with Red Dots, Red with White Dots, Aqua with White Dots, Jade with Navy Dots, Lilac with White Dots, Navy with Yellow Dots, White with Black Dots, Burgundy/Navy Dots, Green/White Dots, Anchors, Blue and Gold Starfish, Carnival, Dapper Daisy, Enchanted, Felicity Too Black, Flocked Blue, Paradiso, Pineapple, Rio Time, Rouge Hibiscus, Seaside, Wild Thing


Two-Piece Bottom, Two-Piece Top


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