How soon will I receive my swimwear after I’ve ordered?

If we have your suit in stock, we’ll send it out right away. If we need to order it from our manufacturer, we’ll stay in touch and let you know when we think we’ll be shipping it.  You’ll also receive an email from USPS when your order is put in the mail. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here to ask about your delivery.

When will my credit card be charged for my order?

Our e-commerce program charges your card when you make your order, just as most online stores do. This ensures that your credit card information stays in the secure site rather than coming to us. We never see your credit card number — which is the safest way for you to charge online.

What am I paying for shipping?

We use First Class Flat Rate shipping in the U.S. which will reach you in 2-5 business days if we have it in stock. For the U.S. the cost is $9.95. For all international orders we use International First Class shipping which will reach you in 10-18 days at a cost of $20.70.

I’m leaving on a cruise in 10 days. What are my chances of having a new suit to wear?

Start with our stock list here. If the suit you want isn’t in stock, send us an email and we’ll tell you if we think we can get it in time.

Do you make custom suits? I have a long torso, small bust and wide hips — none of these fit!

We don’t do custom suits – if we did, we’re afraid they would be much more expensive than the cost of you buying a suit from us and having it altered yourself!  We have some customers who have loved our suits so much that they buy a a suit from us and have someone alter it for them.  If you choose to do that, we suggest you buy a size larger for the torso length.  You may find that the stretch of the fabric and the tummy control panel work well for you even in the larger size – and the bust can be adjusted slightly with the halter tie.

Help! I wear different sized tops and bottoms. Do you sell them separately?

Yes! You can order any top and bottom you’d like — not only sizes, but patterns (i.e., Solid Black Top, Black and White Dots Bottom). You asked and we listened!

What if the suit I ordered does not fit or I have an issue with it?

See our Return Policy for the full answer, but it’s a simple one. Send it back and we’ll order you another suit or give you your money back. We want you to be happy and feel beautiful in your Esther Williams Collection swimsuit.

I love my new Esther Williams bathing suit! How do I care for it to make it last as long as possible?

Our suits are very well made, of high quality and durable fabric.  That said — salt water, sweat, lotions, oils and chlorine are hard on spandex and nylon.  These tips should help you keep your suit looking new for a long time:

  1. Soaking a new suit in vinegar helps prevent the colors from fading or bleeding, keeping them brighter longer. Use 1 tablespoon vinegar to a quart of water in a bowl, soak for 30 minutes. Don’t rinse, just squeeze gently and roll up in two towels and then air dry.
  2. Rinse your suit in cold water after each wear.
  3. Avoid long exposure to chlorine, as it can break down the spandex of swimwear and also accelerate fading.
  4. Avoid rubbing against textured pool decks that can ruin the surface of your swimsuit.
  5. Avoid excess lotions and oils.
  6. Washing machines can ruin the shape of your swimsuit — wash by hand in mild soap.
  7. Don’t wring or twist, lay flat between two towels and roll up, then gently press to absorb moisture.
  8. Never dry in an electric dryer.
  9. For stains, dilute one part white vinegar in three parts warm water and soak.
  10. Now all you have to do is accept the compliments you get every time you wear it!