I absolutely LOVE Esther’s swimsuits — they are the best I’ve ever owned! I’m 6 feet tall and am a size 16-18 — I always feel so pretty and feminine in your suits. Even though Esther is no longer here, her legacy lives on in her films and the happiness she gives to women like me, who can’t wear just any bathing suit! Keep up the great work and thanks again!
 ~Karen, California~

These really are the best suits. I ordered one about 3 years ago and it lasted through two seasons of swimming, kayaking, river rocks, beach trips, and swimming pools. I’m a mom of three and we stay busy! They make you feel classy, sexy, and they’re so comfortable! The prints and design offer a retro pin-up vibe and I feel beautiful and confident in them. They make you feel the way you want to feel, and should feel in a swimsuit.
 ~Amanda, West Virginia~

I haven’t felt this good in a bathing suit in many years! Your suggestion to order up one size for long torso worked, and it still fits everywhere else. Your help has made this purchase pretty amazing. Can’t wait to get to the beach!
 ~Denise, New York~

These swimsuits are the absolute best! My first one (black with white dots) lasted 5 years and I lost count of the number of compliments I received. They’re comfortable, adorable and well made. And it makes swimwear shopping (which I have not enjoyed in the past) much easier. All I need to do is pick a new color!
 ~Emily, New York~


Thank you for taking your passion for swimming and using it to make flattering swimsuits. I have a very difficult time finding a halter one-piece suit. Please keep making these suits! They are WONDERFUL!!! They are modest but also flattering.  I have never purchased a suit online and not had to send it back.  I am so pleased I had to thank you. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!
 ~Ashley, Alabama~


I don’t often do this but I really felt it deserved it! I got my one piece carnival print swimsuit and polka dot bikini and I can honestly say it’s the first time I have actually felt pretty in a swimsuit. It’s a great fit, pretty print and well worth the money. Thank you from a very happy customer!
 ~Kristina, Sweden~

Thanks again for your help! This will be my third EW suit (the other two are two-pieces) and I have turned so many others of all shapes and ages onto them (my mum, three of my aunties, both of my sisters and a couple of work colleagues at least) – they’re such beautiful, flattering suits. I have honestly been approached by strangers asking where to buy one every single time I’ve worn mine! Cannot gush enough! ~Jess, UK~



I cannot thank you enough for the work that you do, making adorable and flattering swimsuits for women of all shapes and levels of confidence and levels of modesty. I can personally tell you that because of the work that you do, I have gone from dreading the beach because of how uncomfortable I feel, to anticipating my next beach adventure because I have nothing to worry about now and can just focus on having fun and swimming! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Gillian~


The Esther Williams Aqua Spectacle



Just wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing service . Received my order way ahead of expectation and am just so very delighted with my costume. It’s a perfect fit and is just a dream. It’s undoubtedly the finest piece of swimwear I have ever possessed and I cannot wait to wear it on holiday – thank you so much. Perhaps it is a reflection of Esther and the era, but the costumes don’t just look and feel great – I think they make you feel really special and look very feminine.  ~Alison, UK~



Thank you for continuing to provide these amazing swimsuits that I have been purchasing for years! They are the BEST fitting suits on the PLANET and especially for those who LOVE to SWIM, like our dear Esther! I was nervous to order online, especially being a swimsuit, but the fitting chart was accurate and the suit fit perfect!!!! I order one every YEAR!” ~Theresa~




I just received my beautiful swimsuit today. I was so surprised at how quickly it arrived.  I’m actually wearing it as I write this! I have to tell you that I’m so very happy with how it fits, looks and feels.  I have trouble finding swim wear that fits me since I have a larger top than bottom!  But this one piece fits wonderfully. I’m so pleased I think I’ll have to order a second suit!! I’m a big fan of Esther Williams and her films.  I love to watch them on TCM.  I had always hoped that her swim wear company was still in business and I’m so happy you are, creating a quality product that I, and you, can be proud of. Thank you.  ~Kathy~






I am a mother of 5 boys under 10, all the way from Australia! I bought my first Esther Williams one piece swimsuit 2 years ago (black size 12).  As soon as I put it on I felt my whole body change, it sucked my tummy in and lifted up my breasts, I felt sexy! Since then I have purchased another one piece in red gingham (size 10) and another two piece in black (size 10).  I wanted to keep them a secret (hard to find in Australia), but my friends always have good comments to say about me in my suits so I had to let the secret out!  They have been converted just like me and they are amazed with how good they feel, look and also the price. I won’t purchase any other brand.  ~Sonja~





I just wanted to say that my new bathing suit is fabulous. After wanting an EW suit for ages I purchased the black and white polka dot classic. It fits like a glove – looks great. I really, really appreciate how well the suit is constructed. I had a double mastectomy a few years ago so I was thrilled with the bodice and the bra cups – they are securely stitched not just tacked in – perfect support. Thanks for the super glamorous suit! I will be ordering more.  ~Colette~





I have been looking for a full figured retro suit. I just received my classic black sheath. This suit is the most well made I have seen in years. It fits perfect to size. This is the perfect suit. I found this website by accident but I will share it with my friends. Thank you.  ~Jane~





I have been a fan of yours for many years (10 to be precise although it may not seem like a lot compared to some…however, considering I am only 21 it is about half of my lifetime). I am a current Senior at the University of Michigan in their Department of Dance and I have based my entire senior thesis solo on your movies and the glamour of swimming. I greatly enjoyed doing my research even though I have already seen all of your movies countless times and reread your biography many times. The reason I am writing this letter is just to let you know that your legacy is thriving and still inspiring many people. My roommate is a former synchronized swimmer and we are constantly watching your movies on our study breaks and just reveling in the glamour of the time period. I was not looking forward to creating my thesis dance solo until I decided to focus on America’s Mermaid and because of you I have had a wonderful process and it is something that I enjoy. (I am even dancing in one of your Esther Williams brand swimsuits). Ultimately, I wanted to say thank you for being so inspiring and amazing. The memories of watching your movies growing up are something that I will always cherish and plan on sharing with my children in the future. Thank you and have a wonderful day.  ~Isabella~





I have had such trouble my entire life finding swimsuits that fit. I’m almost 6’ tall with almost two thirds of my body being leg measuring from hip to toe. I’m also very much an hourglass figure when it comes to my body shape, so finding something flattering that covers all the places I want to cover but also is flattering on both the top and bottom has been almost impossible. I’ve always loved the bathing beauty style of swimwear because I never saw it on anyone that it didn’t flatter, and I think it’s one of the most appealing silhouettes a woman can wear without being overtly sexual. I have a big vacation coming up in a couple of months and desperately needed a really good suit that I wouldn’t have to keep adjusting and feel self-conscious in the entire time, so after I found Esther’s website and loved the look of the classic sheath I decided to give it a try. It’s always a risk when you can’t actually try the suit on, but I ordered one in navy and loved it and got so many compliments from friends who saw it. So I’ve just ordered another one in the Cherries Delight in black and can’t wait to get it. I’ve already recommended both the suit and site to some friends. Thank you so much, Esther, for your beautifully well-made designs. Absolutely love them!  ~Danielle~





I felt the desire to let you know how thrilled I was when I received my classic sheath and tried it on for the first time. I felt so sexy and confident strutting around in this amazing suit. It is the most flattering swimsuit I have ever worn, and I always recommend this site to friends and strangers who are on the lookout for an amazing suit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ~Kirsten~




I just received my Esther Williams swimsuit (classic sheath) and it is the most amazing swimsuit I’ve ever worn. The fit is perfect and the quality surpasses all others. While this is my first EW swimsuit, I can assure you it won’t be my last. Since I still have a rather ”full figure” I found the swimsuit was very flattering and I can’t wait for the weekend to wear it. I almost wanted to sleep in it because it was so comfortable. My gratitude to Ms. Williams for inspiring such a wonderful collection. Thanks for making this 53 yr old broad feel like a hot babe.  ~Alicia~




Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love my bathing suit! It fits perfect and I just love it. I can’t wait to wear it in Fiji! Thank you so much for all my updates and responses. I look forward to dealing with you again. Hope you have a wonderful day.  ~Bree~




The design and quality of your suits are fantastic, and your customer service is top-notch! This is my second Esther Williams Swimsuit, and I Will NEVER go back to shopping in a department store again! Thank you again! Have a great day!  ~Heather~




I received my suit today and am overly ecstatic with the fit, quality and classic look!  I cannot wait to wear it next time I’m at the pool or on my upcoming family vacation to Oahu!  ~Leann~




Aloha, I received my cherries delight swimsuit yesterday, my second Esther Williams suit. And I wanted to let you know how much I love it and thank you! It fits wonderfully, and is flattering and comfortable. Both of these suits are by far my favorite I have ever owned. I feel great and confident wearing them. Thank you for keeping it classy! Which is something I really appreciate as it is harder and harder to find in a world of show more and wear less. You will have a very happy customer on a beach in Hawaii this weekend. Thank you and keep up the good work!  ~Beth~




I just wanted to say I bought the classic sheath in black with red polka dots and I LOVE IT! The last swimsuit I loved was when I was five.  I felt like you Esther, a beautiful movie star, the cut and craftsmanship are amazing. I will never buy a suit from anyone but you, you have a lifetime customer!  ~Michelle~




I just wanted to let your company know that I am beyond happy with my purchase. I have never felt so comfortable in a bathing suit as I do in an Esther Williams one!!! I am recommending your online shop to EVERYONE I possibly can. Most people write to companies when they are disappointed, but I am just so overjoyed I can’t contain myself. Thank you so much for taking pride in your product. It really shows. I already can’t wait to purchase another suit, I just have to save up my money. Please don’t ever stop making swim suits!  ~Melissa~

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